Our Climate test chamber are suitable for various small electrical appliances, instruments, automobiles, aviation, electronic chemicals, materials and components, and other damp heat tests. It is also suitable for aging tests. This test box adopts the most reasonable structure and stable and reliable control method at present, making it beautiful in appearance, easy to operate, safe, and high in temperature and humidity control accuracy.

  • UP-6195M Mini Climatic Test Machine Temperature Humidity Chamber (7)
  • UP-6195M Mini Climatic Test Machine Temperature Humidity Chamber (8)

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Company Profile

Uby Industrial CO., Ltd. is a professional company that concentrates on Various environmental simulation test equipment. The production base is located in the country’s manufacturing center -Dongguan. our international marketing network and after-sales services system are continuing development, and that have been satisfied by our customers highly. Most of the main components of products are from Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and other overseas famous company.

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Professional Technical Support

We have a professional R&D team with years of experience focused on customized testing equipment.

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Our professionals will respond online within one hour, efficiently and effectively understanding the needs of our customers, including OEM and ODM requirements.

Quality Assurance

We implement high-quality control measures at every stage, using precise manufacturing processes and imported components to ensure top-notch product performance.

Price Advantage and Delivery Guarantee

As a direct supplier, we offer competitive prices and cost advantages. We also commit to delivering customer equipment on time or even ahead of schedule.

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